Time-Lag Rec.Marconi Notaro : No Sub Reino dos Metazoários (BRAZ,1973)****'

A few weeks after Lula & Lailson made the Satwa album (an album mostly based upon acoustic guitar psych), Lula went into the studio with Marconi Notaro, a poet (who published 7 books in his life) who exposed himself as the singer and lyricist, and Zé Ramalho who here made his recording debut.
The Rozemblit label in Recife very much was an island on its own where the artist felt they had a challenge for an open road to freedom of expression.
While Lula Côrtes further developed his Satwa ideas of ragaesque guitar layers and experiments with lots of echo  and other sounds, also Zé Ramalho showed a vision which two years later seemed to have made a next step of progress into his Lula Cortes & Ze Ramalho in 1975 (amongst other things like more calm improvisations as a duo).
The Marconi Notaro album in some way stands musically between the Satwa and the Ze Ramhalo album, with inclusion of a poet’s vision in song with some more recognisable Latin and bossa nova rhythms, which are also uplifted by experimentations with sounds and with quickly changing rhythms, often with cut short and alternating themes that come as a surprise. Some hand percussive rhythms have something tribal, almost African and psychedelic. Because the Rosemblit studios moved and had a bit more professional equipment a short part with electric guitars was tried as well, because now they could produce a “fat” electric sound with it. Many times the raga-esque parts used sitar-like accompaniment as well, which was actually played by a tricórdio (an instrument Lule made himself). After the always surprising shorter ideas the B-side was used for more room for improvisation, very trancy and clever building up like a raga in different compositional melodic layers.  A very nice album which deserves attention. Although the sound is very acceptable, unfortunately the range isn’t too dynamic and it seems to come from slightly worn masters.

The booklet adds an ode to the poet who died in 2000, and also includes his striking last poem.

Audio : "Desmantelado",  "Ah Vida Avida","Made in PB","Simphonia em Re"
Details : http://www.ratolaser.hpg.ig.com.br/marconinotaro.htm
Descriptions and reviews on http://www.tonevendor.com/item/24425 & http://meditations.jp/..
& http://spidey.kfjc.org/index.php?p=1948
& http://www.volcanictongue.com/artist.php?art=Marconi+Notaro
Latin American "Progressive Folk"/
Progressive/Psych music with a large acoustic fundaments ;
page 2 : H-Z 

Horizonte (2x)
Los Jaivas (4x)
José Luis Fernández Ledesma Q.
Lilu & Lucinha
Luz da Asia (2x)
Marconi Notaro
MIA (3x)
Os Mutantes
Pastoral (2x)
Pocos & Nuvens
El Polen
Paul Porchetto
Quaterna Requiem
Quintal de Glorofila
Projeto Caleidoscopio
Raimundo Rodulfo,
Similares Y Conexos
Vytas Brenner

Mardel-XHorizonte : Senales Sin Edad (ARG,1979)**°

This is a fusion between symphonic music,some progrock,and folkprog with some integrated (Andes) folk themes. Second album is slightly more interesting than first album (from 1977), with more acoustic ideas and nice combination of prog and folk flute, wth some more piano.

According to the liner notes Horizonte was one of the pioneers of the symphonic prog folk style along with Congreso, Los Jaivas, Magma, Arco Iris, Anacrusa.

Review at http://rock.com.ar/bios/0/794.shtml
and http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandash.html#hor
Warner Music Inti-Illimani (CHI,1969)**

Folk with original touch. CD reissue has 2 related singles. I heard some of their later works which they made and published in France. The styles of these are even more folk orientated.

Homepage : http://www.inti-illimani.cl/  a page in English with mannagement at http://www.inti-illimani.com/
E-mail :  inti@inti-illimani.cl Other web page : http://www.gratisweb.com/candidos/inti-illimani.htm
Columbia Invisible : El Jardin de los Presentes (ARG,1976)*****

No folk ! But open minded listeners with interest for hearing a warm voice and with interest for an acoustic foundation should try this Invisible album too. First two tracks are such a must listen (with one of my favorite examples of male voices tracks). The rest is more progressive rock with good electric guitars and with a fusion touch. Luis Albert Spinetta later made Jazz Fusion albums.

Invisible (at ML and) at http://www.dospotencias.com.ar/rebelde/spinetta.htm and at
http://www.frecuenciaweb.com.ar/htm/rockar/invisible/biog.htm and at
http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/1602/invisible.html and at http://rock.com.ar/bios/0/241.shtml
and at http://www.progresiva70s.com/rock_argentino.htm#Invisible
and at http://www.geocities.com/rock-argentino/zi.htm#invisible
and at http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandasi.html#inv
English reviews at http://gnosis2000.net/reviews/invisible.htm
EMI                    Los Jaivas (CHI,1975) ****'
EMI                    Los Jaivas : Cancion del Sur (CHI,1977) ****
Columbia            Pablo Neruda & Los Jaivas : Alturas de Macchu Picchu (CHI,1981) *****
Columbia            Los Jaivas : Obras de Violetta Parra (CHI,1984) ****

Los Jaivas is a very interesting Chilean group that combines Chilean Folk in an Art Folk way with symphonic or progressive elements, on an acoustic foundation.
'Los Jaivas' is one of the most symphonic works of Los Jaivas. A recommended album. 'Cancion Del Sur' has more folk elements. "Alturas de Macchu Picchu' is the group at its best. Also 'Obras de Violetta Parra' is wonderful. Most of their works is nice. The first album is most traditional, least progressive.

I made a seperate page for this interesting group : the Los Jaivas page.
More information, links, links to sound files you can find there.
Smogless Rec.José Luis Fernández Ledesma Q. :
Dicen que somos Dioses y nos Sonamos Hombres (MEX,2000)****°
Designos (MEX,2003)***°

Cranium Music describes this item correctly: "The music consists of classical guitar elements, loads of fantastic keyboards, flute, violin & tasty electric guitar playing. The album is mainly instrumental. The voice of Margarita Botella is superb and her style is in the soprano range. An undiscovered progressive masterpiece."
It's an album very different from two other albums I have from him ("Motivos Para Perderse" (1996,°), neo symphonic, and "Al Filo" (199?,**°?). It's mainly art music, often in a chamber music rock style. It's not so much with folk elements, but there is a large attention to instrumental part. There should be an equally arranged album from him. It's my favorite album from Mexico.

I heard "Designos" must be in the same vein, and it is. Another wonderful, perfect album, with beautiful female vocals, wonderful instrumentation.

Review at http://gnosis2000.net/reviews/ledesma.htm and http://www.e-prog.net/bands/ledesma.htm
Other review at http://www.cranium.co.nz/catalog/A_609.htm & http://www.geocities.com/guillermomg/rese16.html
Look at Archiv (in "suche") at http://www.progressive-newsletter.de/index.htm (German page)
Two items for sale at http://energiash.com/lunanegra/
I reviewed 4 Ledesma items more thoroughly at http://psychemusic.org/MEXICO.html
Lion Prod. Limonada (UR,1970,re.2005)****

This is one of the first collectors I’ve heard from Uruguay, which now is reissued with the help from Brazil based progressive label Record Runner. Like many Spanish language based rock albums, also this one has a convincing sound with electric and acoustic harmonies, shifting creatively from electric to acoustic elements quiet often, with typical and very pleasant Latin rock vocal harmonies, and with rhythmic surprises of breaks in the musical themes. There are also just a few small strange experimental-psychedelic free passages, like on “Paseles Verdes”. It is very attractive late ‘60s flavoured rock, with a rather spontaneous and thoughtful “progressive” evolution.

This does not immediately present itself as THE Latin rock album, but it still is a recommended and very good release worth checking out.

It also contains an 8 minute live bonus track. On this track is some improvisation which explores rock enriched by what are called candomble rhythms. Such fusion is one of the things that makes Limonada attractive. The candomble rhythms are differently from Latin rhythms. They originate from Africans, from Bantu origin, who were imported as slaves into Montevideo, by Spanish and English traders. It were their rhythms that lit a fuse to the early 60s beat scene in Uruguay. One of these early groups were El Totem, and also, El Kinto, the group which predated Limonada. The record was originally published by a label called Sondor. A brief overview of the label you can read in the sixteen pages booklet, together with some historical background /overview on the Uruguayan scene, something which I missed in this case, because I only have a cdr copy that I was able to describe.

Audio :  "Pies Descalzos", "Cambiar la Rosa", "Dejenme Dormir", "Pies Descalzos"
Info : http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/limonada.html
Other description : http://www.dustygroove.com/browse.php?kwfilter=Limonada&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1

According to the intro of Uruguay groups on next page, the album is listed as being published in 1972 : http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/urugap.html
More on Uruguay Rock (Spanish) : http://www.progresiva70s.com/rock_uruguayo.htm
private Luli & Lucinha : Amor De Mulher (BR,1977/1982)****'

Rather independent, rather pastoral folky item with “progressive”, soft acid-improvised inspirations, or just once more soft rock orientated song music. Vocals either beautiful female vocals with some harmonic beautiful strangeness here and there, but also led by a male voice more than once. The Brazilian flavour is mostly taken in a free minded way. Only one track has adding some exotic rhythms/moves. Last track has a rhythmical experiment. The group has made various albums. The album did not find a reissue yet.

Homepage Luli : http://luhli.mpbnet.com.br
and other discography : http://www.mpbnet.com.br/canto.brasileiro/luli.lucina/discografia.htm
Azul Rec.Luz da Asia : Amistad (BRAZ,1999)***°
Som & P.Rec. Luz da Asia : Oriente e Ocidente Num so compasso (BRAZ,1994)**°?

"Amistad" is very pleasant world fusion, mostly Indian but with some Middle Eastern, flamenco and some other influences. Most original is the first track that uses a variety of World music (sitar and flamenco) in a nice acoustic fusion. The rest is in fresh style without being explicit "progressive". This CD is Indian flavoured world music with a Brazilean warmth. Very good. Member Marcio Rocha made also a nice solo album. "Oriente.." is oriignal World music mixture / Fusion with mostly with Indian elements.

Webpage with small reviews at http://www.cranium.co.nz/catalog/A_1568.htm
Record RunnerMagma : La Transformacion (Arg,1985)***

Magma : Fusion folk with very poetic texts. Especially "La Transformation" is nice.

Info at http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/m.html and at http://rock.com.ar/bios/2/2521.shtmland at http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandasm.html#mag
MIA is a supergroup. It is not too much folk related, but people with interest for interesting acoustic instrumentation should check these albums out too. All three albums are reissued with acoustic bonus tracks from Carlos Melero : Conciertos (1978) , with each album a very different, apropriate choice.

Ciclo 3MIA : Transparancias (ARG,1976)*****

A must have, one of the best to come out of Argentine. Beautiful symphonic structures, as good as the best Italian progressive stuff.* Wonderful keyboard driven music. With Lito Vitale. Strangely enough the second track has a "land of hope and glory" melody adaptation, which I prefered to leave out. Surely the first side is wonderful. This one is not folk related.

Ciclo 3MIA : Magicos Fuegos del Tiempo (ARG,1978)***°

Acoustic album, with lots of classical piano, with one jazzy improvisation.

Ciclo 3MIA : Cornostipicum (ARG,1978)****°

Profesional accoustic and symphonic fusion progressive, with more acoustic guitars, electronic keyboards, some singing. Most of it is tempered, but the title track is incredible, with tremendous keyboards by Litto Vitale, classical and contemporary vocal arrangements. Highly recommended !! The bonus tracks are ok too.

M.I.A. info at http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/mia  http://www.dospotencias.com.ar/rebelde/mia.htm and at http://www.progresiva70s.com/rock_argentino.htm#MIA and http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandasm4.html#mia and some words at
http://rock.com.ar/bios/m/mia.shtml. English reviews at http://gnosis2000.net/reviews/mia.htm
and English remarks at http://www.e-prog.net/bands/mia.htm
More info (with label contact at ciclo3@litovitale.com.ar) at http://www.litovitale.com.ar/
Mexican page http://www.manticornio.com/rock-progresivo/M/M-I-A/m-i-a.html
Archives compilation is reviewed on http://www.psychemusic.org/ARG_REVIEWS.html

*(PS. Those interested in music compatible to the best Italian '70's prog should also check out Bubu)
Omplatten Os Mutantes (BRAZ,1968)*****

This is the most original record I heard from them. Very happy sounding mix of Latin American rhythms, funny acoustic ideas, 60's psych beat. Difficult to listen to the complete score because of the so many differences in styles with each song, but very bright ideas in small details involved. A must have heard. Not folk, but many acoustic and also Latin elements. The style is a pleasant mix of pop/psychedelic/tropicalia.

Official Web Site at http://www.pokst.hpg.com.br/ & http://www.luakabop.com/os_mutantes/cmp/main.html
English review at http://www.klubkat.com/musiczone/reviews/january00/osmutantes/osmutantes.htm
Lots of pages linked at http://www.abordo.com.br/senhorf/ with biography at http://www.abordo.com.br/senhorf/sf3vs/secreta/bios/mbio/mutant1.htm
Discography at http://www.abordo.com.br/senhorf/sf3vs/mutantes/mutdisc.htm and at http://www.skynet.com.br/arnaldo/disco.htm and at http://orbita.starmedia.com/~martintj/mutantes.html
Mexican page : http://www.manticornio.com/rock-progresivo/M/MUTANTES-Os/mutantes.html
Article about their texts at http://www.abordo.com.br/senhorf/sf3vs/mutantes/TexIndice.htm
Another Os Mutantes web site at http://www.skynet.com.br/arnaldo/ & http://www.sergiodias.com.br/mutantesin.htm
History : http://www.skynet.com.br/arnaldo/historia.htm
Photo's at http://www.skynet.com.br/arnaldo/fotos.htm & http://www.skynet.com.br/arnaldo/mutantes.htm
Os Mutantes CD-cover & http://www.silverdb.com/MUSIC_DBCDInfo.asp?txtCDID=2343
Item at http://www.ratolaser.hpg.ig.com.br/mutantes.htm
Single at http://www.ratolaser.hpg.ig.com.br/singlesmutantes.html
Single with Caetano http://www.ratolaser.hpg.ig.com.br/singlescaetano.html
Peticov's official site at http://www.jig.com.br/peticov/peticov.html
Music Hall Pastoral : De Michell-Erausquin (ARG,1979)***°°
Cabal Rec.Pastoral : En El Hospicio..(ARG,1976)***°'

Pastoral brings somewhat pastoral folk with some progresive touches. Some songs are sung with a very sensitive voice, from a kind I only heard so far in Argentine.

Info : http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/p.html and at http://www.dospotencias.com.ar/rebelde/pastoral.htm
http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandasp14.html and at http://www.frecuenciaweb.com.ar/htm/rockar/pastoral/biog.htm and at
http://rock.com.ar/bios/0/415.shtml & http://www.rock.com.ar/discos/0/911.shtml
& http://www.rockandweb.com/discos/0/908.shtml
& http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandasp14.html#pas
Audio at http://comunidad.ciudad.com.ar/argentina/capital_federal/aca_mp3/Volumen7/En_el_hospicio.mp3
Chords : http://www.atame.org/p/pastoral/ & http://www.arteargentino.com/argentabs/rockarg/patoral/
Virrey El Polen : Cholo (PER,1972)**°°'

The first track, la Flor" (the main theme) on this album is like the Brazilian Lule Cortez/Ramhalo / Satwa, a psychedelic acoustic improvisation. The next few tracks are more Andes folk with only a bit of improvisation with it, still enjoyable. The fifth track, "Sitting Dreaming" is an English song, which first adapts a few Andes folk elements, but quickly evolves into a long psychedelic excursion. This is followed by a brilliant, other English track about smoking pot, a bit more psychedelic hippie(folk)rock with a folk bottom, improvising in up and down water tempos with hippie exotic rhythms, cello, double bass, harp, guitars, violins, and stoned but also chamber-like directions. Last track is a more experimental, rather flipped psychedelic roundabout/musical box conclusion. Worth checking out, but not reissued yet.

Spanish info : http://www.chicama.com/polen.htm & http://www.progresiva70s.com/rock_peruano.htm
& http://zonadenoticias.blogspot.com/2007/02/el-polen-krautrock-telrico.html
Second LP : http://pacoweb.net/cgi-bin/CDdetail.pl?m=13092|Grupo||E|CDdisplay.pl
Reissue reviewed on next page
  Paul Porchetto : Christo Rock (ARG,1972)**°

I once had a compilation album from Porchetto, but I found it a rather mediocre Bob Dylan like music.I recently found this album. It starts as interesting progressive music. It takes time but is an inteesting prog item, with attention to the singer-songwriting too. Other early albums are ok too but for me not incredible.

Info at http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/p.html and http://www.dospotencias.com.ar/rebelde/porchetto.htm and at http://rock.com.ar/bios/0/212.shtml and
Progressivo Pocos & Nuvens : Ano Velo Zoutono Adentro (BRAZ,1998)****
Private (Faunus)  Quaterna Requiem : Velha Gravura (BRAZ,1990)***'

Two new Brazilian progressive items somewhat fitting together in style.

Pocos & Nuvens has some folk influences (violin, flute) within progressive symphonic compositions (a bit art folk symphonic), the first Quaterna Requiem contains beautiful classical arrangements, with Brazilian folk, symphonic and prog touches. most of the arrangements after first track have more synths. Although this way a bit more melodic there, the complexity and refinement are still very fine.

Pocos & Nuvens pages / reviews : http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/pnuvens/http://www.silverdb.com/MUSIC_DBCDInfo.asp?txtCDID=2346
Review : http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/rev/pnuvens_prov.htm and http://www.cranium.co.nz/catalog/A_1397.htm
Website : http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/pnuvens/
Review http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/rev/pnuvens_prov.htm
Second album (style ?) : http://www.voiceprint.com.br/mo/nacionais/rocksymphony/rsln060.htm
Quaterna Requiem : (also in English) at
Review at http://www.progreviews.com/reviews/qr-vg.html
Short reviews at http://www.silverdb.com/MUSIC_DBCDInfo.asp?txtCDID=660
English remarks at http://www.e-prog.net/bands/quaterna.htm
Review : http://www.progreviews.com/reviews/qr-vg.html
Small reviews http://www.cranium-music.com/catalog/A_947.htm
Review http://www.gepr.net/q.html#QUATERNAREQUIEM and at http://gbl.br.inter.net/carlosv/previews.htm
and at http://www.cranium.co.nz/catalog/A_947.htm and at http://www.progreviews.com/reviews/qr-vg.html
Website : http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/7482/quaterna.htm
Small reviews http://www.cranium-music.com/catalog/A_947.htm
Review http://www.gepr.net/q.html#QUATERNAREQUIEM and at http://gbl.br.inter.net/carlosv/previews.htm
picture on back cover
Projeto Caleidoscopio is nice new folk symphonic

Official site (with small soundfragment) : http://www.caleid.com.br/  Contact : projeto@caleid.com.br
Short review http://www.cranium.co.nz/catalog/A_1554.htm
Second album : http://www.voiceprint.com.br/mo/nacionais/rocksymphony/rsln069.htm
& http://fusion.group.gr.jp/latin/review/Carrossel.html
Warner MusicQuilapayun : Patria (CHI,1976)**°

A few bonus tracks were added from  LP La Marche et le drapeau 1977, LP Enregistrement Public 1977, LP Alentours 1980 : Original Acid Folk and Folk songs and small instrumentals. Lots of nice vocal harmonies (the group contains of 7 persons that all sing),with acid folk arrangements. The instrumentals are with Spanish guitar, Andes flute,..

" Patria is a good work, but this LP is from a "protest period". In this period, the best work (and more famous) is "El Pueblo Unido Jamas sera vencido". In fact, the song "El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido" is a world hymn of social justice and freedom. The most creative period (1980-1988) is contained in compilation CD "Le Melliur of Quilapayun". I recommend to you this CD." "Im my opinion, the chilean folk group Quilapayun have tree fundamental LP's :"El Pueblo Unido Jamas sera Vencido", "Umbral",  "La Revolution et les etoiles" "
According to Esteban, webmaster of the unofficial Quilapayun homepage.

Webpages :  http://www.quilapayun-chile.cl/; http://youvan.tripod.cl/quilapayun.html ; http://www.gratisweb.com/candidos/quilapayun.htm
Song : http://www.atame.org/q/quilapayun/la_batea_1_version.shtml
Newsgroup : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quilapayun/
Discos MariposaQuintal de Glorofila : O Mistérioso dos Quinais (BR,1983)***°

I found the album rather cheaply in a list so I didn't expect such a good album, but it is. This is a duo who sings acoustic songs with a strong emotionality and with an acoustic guitars foundation with more often a couple of very good arrangements with guitars and other similar instruments and some open flute improvisations of different styles (from professional classical towards psych-folk to jazz-flute). There's only sparse percussion used. Here and there are keyboards added which seem moog-like here and there but I think this is a Casio organ. Also sax is used to improvise along with the music for which the guitar arangements becomes mre jazzy, the sax itself is not. The last track is led by a poem recitation.

Instruments used by Negendere Arbo are acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar, Casio, bandolim, microharpa, prongo, percussion orchestra and vocals ; Dimitri Arbo plays transverse flute, contralto flute, flute doce soprano, sax, 12-string viola, ocarina, indigenous percussion, percussion and vocals. Guest are Paulo F.Soares on rhythm guitar and Antonio Carlos Arbo for the poem declaration.

Audio on http://www.youtube.com/...
Band info : http://www.last.fm... & https://www.forcedexposure.com/...
Private     Raimundo Rodulfo's The Dreams Concerto
Concerto for guitar, group and chamber orchestra (VEN,2002)****

Symphonic progressive. Full of tremendous and beautiful parts. Especially the acoustic guitar parts are superb. The acoustic part are so good / the arrangements are refined enough it's therefore listed here too.

More info : http://psychemusic.org/VENREVIEW.html
Similares Y Conexos : Mexican progressive group with some folk influences. Much more in "Gallina Negra".

More remarks will be added later.

Webpage : http://www.similares-y-conexos-gallina-negra.gpsmusic.com/
Rock SymphonySolis : Gemini (BRAZ,2000?)****

Solis brings symphonic prog with very beautiful refined guitar / voice fragments listed here for it.

bootleg label reissue
Soluna (ARG,1977)****

Soluna is the most folky psych item from the Spinetta related products I know of. (right:the official re-release).

Info : http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/waterloo/728/magicland/r_s.html
and at http://rock.com.ar/bios/0/389.shtml
and at http://www.progresiva70s.com/rock_argentino.htm#Soluna
and http://www.fortunecity.es/salsa/cumbia/294/bandass3.html
official reissue
Sol & Denes Rec. Sintesis : En Busca de una Nueva Flor (CU,1978)****'

Beautiful progressive Cuban item with some folk influences, a symphonic art folk masterpiece, and one of my favourites from Latin America (together with Bubu, MIA,...). (I also heard a later off-shoot of the group, rather uninteresting neo-symhonic prog ; Sintesis was different !!).

Home page : http://www.portalatino.com/webautor/especiales/sintesis/imagenes/sintesis.htm
Contact : asoyin@cubarte.cult.cu
Reviews : http://stevehegede.tripod.com/cuba.htm & http://www.warr.org/sintesis.html &
http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de/bands/sintesis.html#busca & http://www.worldmusicportal.com/Artists/Cuban/sintesis.htm
The works of Vytas Brenner (VEN) combine folk and other genres very originally. Have a look at the next page for more information, covers, links : http://progressive.homestead.com/VENREVIEW.html
Time-LagSatwa (BRAZ,1972)****'

Nice kind of raga guitar album with Lula Cortes (Moroccan sitar) & Lailson (12 string guitar).

Review on http://psychedelicfolk.homestead.com/guitar5.html#anchor_126

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