the psych/folk/pop/rock of
The Dry Spells

CD (2009)

Antenna Farm Rec.       The Dry Spells : Too Soon For Flowers (US,2009)****

The Dry Spells are a convincing SF bay area band who are inspired by folk and folk-rock (also in the choice of songs) within an alternative or their own rock sound. The folkier elements are reappearing in the strong vocal backing arrangements, creating its own floating energy within the body of alternative rock. There’s another great flow in the rhythms. The electric guitars takes the time to catch up and bring the band to a great spirit in instrumental improvisations, their psychedelic touch as a matter of speaking. Besides that the violin arrangements can add another folkrock flavour, then arranged an occasional madrigal intro, or a real chamber string arrangement. Other occasional instruments include melodica and oud. Convincing !
The album ends with a cover of Fleetwood Mac's hit "Rhiannon” showing their most rocking dynamic style at their best.

(The LP version is limited to 500 copies).

The Dry Spells are Tahlia Harbour, April Hayley, Adria Otte, and Diego Gonzalez (SubArachnoid Space & Citay) with loose cooperations from  Warren Huegel, Ezra Feinberg (Citay) and Caitlin Pearce.
The album was recorded by Tim Green (Fucking Champs).

The band shared stage with bands like Vetiver, Entrance, Papercuts, Bart Davenport, and Black Fiction.

Audio : "Lost Daughter",  "Black Is The Color", "Sruti"
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