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Titus & Ross

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Fallout Rec.Titus & Ross (US,1970)****

This Indiana based duo Titus and Ross consisted of Jack Ross and Art Titus. Their style is pretty different from most duos of their time, and sound much softer and mellower (even compared to Simon & Garfunkel). I assume this is due to their inspirations which are comparable to Christian folkpsych items, also in style, but which are in fact a bit more neutral and personal, while including some praise, admirations, and seeking inspirations in Man (“his image was a flame”). There is however one Jesus-related song, called “My Song” which I think I remember being covered by some religious folkpsych group (but I couldn’t find out which band). There’s a delicate, velvet soft, almost gospel-like way of singing, which are in a heartfelt way rather pastoral expressions. The accompaniment is played by delicate guitars, soft percussion (by Tommy Wells) and bits of bass, recorder and piano. An inspired album with its own specific charm.

The album was produced with help of by Bubba Fowler who had his own acoustic song record out at this time. Before that he was part of the psychpop band The Avant-Garde. After this album he appeared with guitar on albums by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen but then became a TV game host. Some Titus & Ross songs also found their way to some TV and film productions.

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